Ancient Spring

A writer's search for the origins of faith


First, a disclaimer.  I’m not a follower of Hebrew Roots. I only recently became aware of the movement years after I decided to investigate the origins of the doctrines and practices I was taught in Gentile churches.

Yes, I’ve recently decided to call Jesus Yeshua for many reasons. Yes, I have a keen interest in learning the Jewish context from which Christianity is founded. I believe centuries of cultural spin and bias in Gentile interpretations of scripture have led to erroneous doctrines that have misled and misguided many sincere believers. So, yes, I’m re-examining and rethinking how I ought to live out my relationship with God by learning more about the source of my faith: Judaism. No. I haven’t joined a “group” per se, although I’m thinking long and hard about  Messianic Judaism.

I’m a  freelance writer/journalist who has worked for four newspapers, seven radio stations (three of them public radio) and five television shows (two public television magazines and one syndication).  I’m also halfway finished with an MFA in Film and Video at American University (3.8 average), but had to take a long break to get my two grown children through college and raise the money to return (I’m still working on it).

As a writer, I specialize in culture, society religion/spirituality, history, genealogy, trends, psychology, film and video, entertainment and the arts.

A little backstory

In addition to my career in secular news outlets, I also worked for CBN (interesting), the Archdiocese of Washington, a few Christian radio stations and in-house television ministries owned by denominations such as Church of Christ and Assemblies of God.

I was born and christened Roman Catholic.  I’d broken from Catholicism and dove into the Charismatic Movement after a personal spiritual experience.

In nearly four decades, I visited or attended churches of many denominations because I worked there, researched a story, relocated or wandered through the doors. They included Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Baptist, Black Baptist, Southern Baptist, African Methodist Episcopal (AME), Church of God in Christ (COGIC), Assemblies of God (AG), United Pentecostal, Four Square churches, a non-denominational home church and a few Messianic Jewish congregations. Some of these were my church homes for years until I relocated. Others, I investigated out of curiosity.

I’ve occasionally sat in on Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Romanian Orthodox and Coptic liturgies (they’re absolutely beautiful, by the way).

Why this blog?

This, my personal blog, is about issues that concern me most. I’m a lay person writing (primarily) to lay people (and anyone else who’s interested). I’m a life-long student and this blog chronicles my personal study. Therefore, this blog features in-depth articles and posts on history, cultures, society, trends and profiles and viewpoints — including those I don’t particularly agree with. It’s also an outlet for me to see and hear my own inner voice — my deepest thoughts — on all things spiritual and religious.

If you’re so inclined, enjoy!

— Sharon Shelton Corpening


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